Introduction to 3D Printing

The “Introduction to 3D Printing” workshop will be presented by Koun’s CEO Sarah Aldosary. Koun Makerspace is a space for creativity, collaboration and learning. The workshop will be held on Saturday 4th of April from 5:00 to 6:00 PM Riyadh time. More about Koun:

At Koun we believe in empowering communities, we aim at creating a community of Makers, who are passionate about what they make and open for collaboration and learning.

We welcome in our space all entrepreneurs, small business owners, students of all ages, designers, inventors and anyone with an idea and wants to bring it to reality, as a hobby, as a business or any for other purpose.

Koun Makerspace will provide the space, tools, software, machines to bring your ideas to reality in various areas such as electronics and robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, woodworking, photography, screen printing, crafts and much more.

Koun Markerspace overview

The key learning objectives of this workshop:

  • 3D Printing technology overview
  • 3D printing Processes
  • 3D printing applications
  • 3D modelling tools

More information about the workshop will be provided closer to the date. Stay tuned!

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